Wisma Bunga Tanjung
Bunga Tanjung Street 11, Kendari
Phone: (0401) 2113

Wisma Kodrat
Mayjend S. Parman Street, Kendari
Phone: (0401) 21388

Wisma Dian Kencana
Drs.H. Abd. Silondae Street 93, Kendari
Phone: (0401) 21704

Kartika Hotel
Mayjend S. Parman Street, Kendari
Phone: (0401) 21088

Wisma Resik
Sultan Hasanuddin Street 54, Tipulu Kendari
Phone: (0401) 21103

Mewilmin Hotel
Dr. Ratulangi Street 48, Kemaraya Kendari
Phone: (0401) 21924

Wisma Cendrawasih
Diponegoro Street, Kendari
Phone: (0401) 21291

Aden Hotel
Ahmad Yani Street, Kendari

Sultra Hotel
Sultan Hasanuddin Street 62, Tipulu Kendari
Phone: (0401) 21484

Wisma Duta
Drs. Abdullah Silondae Street, 1
Mandonga Kendari
Phone: (0401) 21503

Wisma Anggrek
Mayjend S. Parman Street 82,

Kemaraya Kendari
Phone: (0401) 21851

Wisma Nusa Indah
Mayjend S. Parman Street,
Kemaraya Kendari

Wisma Teratai
Bunga Teratai Street 6, Kemaraya Kendari
Phone: (0401) 21068


Debora Hotel
R.A. Kartini Street 15, Bau-Bau
Phone: (0402) 21203

Liliana Hotel
R.A. Kartini Street 18, Bau-Bau
Phone: (0402) 21197

Elizabeth Hotel
R.A. Kartini Street 21, Bau-Bau
Phone: (0402) 21614

Mutiara Hotel
M.H. Thamrin Street 28, Bau-Bau

Yusrida Hotel
Sultan Hasanuddin Street 36,
Phone: (0402) 21342

Fitria Hotel
M.H. Thamrin Street 20/21, Bau-Bau
Phone: (0402) 21356

Wisata Hotel
Kelapa Street 6D, Bau-Bau
Phone: (0401) 21662


Tani Hotel
Dr. Sutomo Street 27, Raha
Phone: (0403) 21168

Ilham Hotel
Jend. A. Yani Street 17, Raha
Phone: (0403) 21070

Karunia Hotel
R.A. Kartini Street 1, Raha
Phone: (0403) 21103

Berlian Hotel
Letjend Sukowati Street 130, Raha

Permata Sari Hotel
Jend. A. Yani Street, Raha

Aliah Hotel
Jend. Sudirman Street 15, Raha
Phone: (0403) 21218

Andalas Hotel
Sukowati Street 62, Raha
Phone: (0403) 21071

Raodah Hotel
Yos Sudarso Street 25, Raha
Phone: (0403) 21088

Muna Indah Hotel
Jend. A. Yani Street 75, Raha
Phone: (0403) 21061


Duta Wisata Hotel
Sam Ratulangi Street 1, Kolaka
Phone: (0405) 21261

Monalisa Hotel
Konggoasa Street 67, Kolaka

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Moramo Waterfall, The Fairies Bathing Palace

Moramo Waterfall is located in Tanjung Peropa Nature Reserve Region. Precisely located in the Sumber Sari Village, Moramo Subdistrict, Konawe South Regency, South-East Sulawesi, Indonesia. Moramo Waterfall is an amazing nature gift for Konawe Selatan Regency, South-East Sulawesi, which has … Continue reading

Dinggu Traditional Dance – Southeast Sulawesi

Dinggu Traditional Dance Dingu dance is a traditional dance from Southeast Sulawesi, precisely originating coming from Tolaki tribe. According to Tolaki folklore, the rice seed is coming from the decease of seventh angel that coming to Earth. Hence, after the … Continue reading

Wangiwangi Island

WangiWangi Island Wangiwangi island or Wanci Island, is an island in Southeast Sulawasi that being famous for its beauty and magnificent blue sky and ocean. Wangiwangi island in become Wakatobi islands and also become the administrative area of Wakatobi regency. … Continue reading

Wakatobi Dive Resort

Wakatobi Wakatobi is an acronym of four small islands wihich is Wangi-wangi Kaledupa, Tomia and Binongko. This area is located within the territory of Southeast Sulawesi Province which newly separated from Buton district into one district. Wakatobi National Park has … Continue reading

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