Historical Sangka’anukiye Cave in Kaledupa Island, Wakatobi Regency

Wakatobi Regency is part of Southeast Sulawesi Province. As an archipelago, it indeed offers beautiful islands. One of them is Kaledupa, where historical Sangka’anukiye Cave resides. Due to its uniqueness and story, more tourists are interested in dropping by, especially when visiting Kaledupa. They also want to enjoy the unspoiled nature of the cave and conduct photography in the location. Thanks to the richness of the island. Tourists have the chance to explore any parts of it. Aside from the cave, it also offers historical structures like a fortress, old mosque, etc.

The Nuance
The size of the cave is not quite big, but it emits a stunning aura. It is because of the history behind such nature attraction. The mouth of the cave comes with a moderate size, so visitors don’t need to put their head down when entering it. Inside, some stalactites are seen. The nuance is a bit dark and creepy, though. Also, there is the famous root of a banyan tree, covering some parts of the wall like a fence. All of those features create an amazing atmosphere. No wonder, visitors are likely to spend much time in the cave.

Exploring Sangka’anukiye Cave
Even though tourists have different preferences in visiting the cave, they share the same interest regarding its history. One thing, they can only hear the story from either the locals or tour agents. Some informants even ask some fee! Though, it is worth the money. According to the history, the cave once became a hideout for rebels and pirates. They hid there to avoid the enemies for some time. Due to the secluded environment and lush nature, the cave indeed became a perfect place for hiding. Today, it only serves as a nature attraction and a location for photography.

Aside from its history, the cave becomes a good spot for an adventure. A cave exploration is popular these days, after all. What people need is a flashlight and a direction in exploring Sangka’anukiye Cave. When it is about the best attraction, the cave has the giant root of a banyan tree, which resides in it. Due to the dark environment, it is a bit difficult to see it, though. As an alternative, tourists can enjoy an adventure outside the cave. The atmosphere is flawless and charming, after all.

What’s more? Once they enjoy all those attractions, they can visit other interesting places in Kaledupa Island. The other historical sites are Ollo and Togo Fortress. They are well-kept by the locals and become the pride of Buranga Village. In the past, the forts were used to defend against the enemies. They are also worth some photo shoots! Next, there is an old mosque, located near to those forts. The rumor has it. The mosque is the embodiment of a woman!

Nearby Attractions

  • Alam Derawa Cave
  • Togo Fort
  • Ollo Fort
  • The Old Mosque

How to Get There
Kaledupa Island is quite reachable. Travelers can simply head to Wangi-Wangi Island first, where Matahora Airport is located. From there, they can rent a boat and head to Wanci Island. Another boat ride is required to reach Kaledupa later. If they ride a speedboat, the voyage only takes 1 hour!

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